About Inspector

We implement our solutions and control all aspects of the built object helping our customers to make the time-right decisions. Day-by-day we improve our technological solutions and invent new monitoring instruments, making them comfortable in use for our customers and providing 100% control over the structure.

Our main experience we have received implementing worldwide projects in the field of monitoring for:
- civil structures (malls, hyper- and super markets, exhibition halls, warehouses and logistic centers),
- sport arenas and stadiums,
- bridges and flyovers,
- roads (highways, motorways),
- hydrotechnical-Geo-technological structures (dams, embankments),
- geotechnical structures (tunnels, deep excavations, landfills),
- off shore platforms and wind turbines.

Each Inspector system consist of:
 - Measurement electronics,
 - Data acquisition systems,
 - Data gathering servers,
 - Communication protocols with all systems nods,
 - Reporting and visualisation tools.

We are also opened for custom systems designed according to specific Client's requirements.