NeoStrain Company base on the best expert knowledge and experience in the field of measuring technology solutions. Our attitude is the honesty towards Customers and Partners. We focus on listening to their needs and looking for the optimal solution to meet their expectations. We always keep our promises. We are one of the most innovative companies setting up global standards in the field of structural monitoring and constantly upgrading our offer of measuring technology for construction industry. It means, that we continuously invest in research and development of products and services. We are committed to improve the Quality Management System and compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We realize the strategic objectives by continuous staff development and hiring the best possible people in the field of electronic data management systems and processes, techniques, project management, matrix organizational structure and modern methods of motivation. All employees are aware and apply this policy. On behalf of the Company we declare that we will continue to make efforts and resources to ensure that this quality policy is fully implemented.