Railway Products: Contactless Rail Track


Test set is used to measure the displacement of fixed-rail basis points compared to fixed control sections. The location of the control section is a result of assumed “so-called” fixed points, which are usually located on the traction poles and considered as non-changing (permanent) in time. The variable value of traction between wheels and rails, plus the level of rail warming, cause sectional imbalances of rails, which in some cases may lead to micro-displacements of the rails. These movements may take the form of creeping rails, leading to changes in the value of longitudinal forces on the length of the section where the displacement occurred. The measurements of basis points displacements will enable to calculate the length increase of the control rail section, allowing the calculation of the value of the axial force or verification of rail neutral temperature. Measuring set (patent pending) consist of cross leveler (with self-levelling feature) attached to the sign of track axis adjustment. The vertical laser light is directed onto the light sensor, mounted on the opposite fixed point. The distance measurement of the base point on the rail track from designated direction, is carried out, by guiding the laser light sensor combined with an electronic ruler on the direction of laser light.
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